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Welcome to the First Collaborative Community Marketplace.

Let’s give you that control back.

It should take a village.

What is Zing-it?

Discover our innovative platform that empowers you to effortlessly organize events. Tailor your gatherings by setting a minimum booking requirement, ensuring events only proceed when enough participants join.
Plus, here’s the best part – if the sign-ups fall short, nobody gets charged anything. You set the rules. Take control of your planning experience.

Don’t Wing-it, Just Zing-it! 

Create clubs, groups, pods, for weekly sessions, one-time meetups/purchases, or a monthly membership, for 5 or 100 people, you have the flexibility to define your own set of rules.

You create a zing, and if it’s successful it will cost you one spot. If it’s free, it will cost you a free spot. Just factor your pricing to sell one more and it won’t ever matter.

Featured Zings in your area

Kids Art Classes Tuesdays

Join us weekly for our art party for a fun Hour


NFT Dads of the Main Line Club

Join us weekly for our nft investor meeting for a fun Hour :_0


Cheese club of Neighborhood

Get amazing new cheeses every week delivered to your door


Backyard Basketball Lessons – Saturday Mornings

Join us weekly for our basketball practice for a fun Hour


Weekly fruits & veggies delivery

Locally grown and picked from local farms


Weekly Spanish Lessons for 1st graders

Join us weekly for our spanish class for a fun Hour :_0


Have an idea for a new Zing Spot? Don’t wing-it, just Zing-it!

Hundreds of Philadelphians Can’t Wait To See What You Have In Store

For Our Community, by Our Community

  • Gardening Classes

    If you offer a product or a service that can be sold to two or more people you should Zing-it!

  • Join a Band

    If you want to create a group that can be made out of two or more people you should Zing-it!
  • Suggest a Zing to friends or neighbors

    “I talked with Jay’s Snow Removal and he said he will come out to Narberth if he can get 10 people to sign up. Please sign up and let’s get him going!”
  • Kids Art Classes & Camps

    If you offer a product or a service that can be sold to two or more people you should Zing-it!

    Other Featured Business Tools


    Zing-it SPOTS allows zingers to setup an event and decide the minimum number of spots sold to make the event happen or nobody gets charged anything.


    Zing-it ZOOMS allows professionals to setup a cool landing page and a paid zoom session


    Businesses and entrepreneurs can start a project and have professionals around the neighborhood participate. We vet EVERYBODY (and all projects).


    Businesses can get their own online pickup ordering service without paying the big delivery companies fees.


    Zing-It Academy allows anybody to teach anything online.


    Zing-It TRAINEM allows you to train your whole team online


    Artists, creatives, Seos, marketers, etc.. can rely on our technical helpdesk for WordPress and digital marketing


    HR Companies can submit their candidates to showcase to their clients for approval


    Businesses can list their entire catalog, including product sheets and selling options