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Monster Story:
Gillock came from Gillock town, where all Gillocks live. He is the king of the Gillocks so he is blessed with the ghost crown. He can summon ghosts by snapping his fingers twice and yelling a curse word. Then he has a little image comes up and he can select what ghost he wants. Whatever ghost he picks will be given a purple flame sword to help them fight their enemy. Purple flame is hotter than any flame. The only monster that know how to make it are the gillocks. You use a little bit of acid and vineager, sugar and paper and then you light it with blue flames. The gillocks are working on revenge on the humans for taking away their king in 1508. Nobody has beat the gillocks army yet.

Habitat: Gillock town
Type: Ghost


Ghost summoner
Goo shot
Intestine block
Go through


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