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What the Zing??

  • What is a Zing?

    A Zing is an event or a product for which the vendor needs a minimum amount of person to book/buy their products for them to be profitable. 

  • What is a Zinger?

    A zinger is a vendor who is offering their products or services using the Zing-it platform. Zingers do not Wing-it, they use Zing-it as their insurance that they will have the minimum amount of bookings they need for them to be worth shlepping all their equipment for their customers.

  • So am I a customer or am I a Zinger?

    Honestly, you should be both! We all have “hidden” talents. You should definitely Zing’em you know why? There is absolutely no costs for anyone until the minimum amount of bookings is reached. 

  • So how do you guys make money?

    One Seat:
    Each time a zinger sets up a zing, we help them promote to their existing customers and also spread their offerings to our customer base. We make the magic happen, and all, we take is “one seat”. What does that mean??? Well, think of it that way: if you setup a Zing that needs a minimum of 5 bookings at $20/ booking (so you make $100), it will cost you a seat so $20. If you set it up with a minimum of 20 bookings (so you make $400), it will still cost you $20 so nobody is jealous! If you setup a free Zing, it will cost you nothing! You always have the option as a Zinger to set your minimum seats sold amount for customers to get charged, so if not enough people signed up, nobody gets charged anything anyways.

  • What are the hosts and sponsors?

    We are working on sponsorships and hosting options where property rentals and owners can have rooms and facilities available either as hosts or pay for rental fees for zings as sponsors. This will be part of a later update of our platform and will allow time to set up contracts and sponsors to get this started. If you are interested now, please write us an email at and we’ll make sure to get you started asap.



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